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poster_viitor08.07Over the last 320 years, Indaco Systems has been the standard for passion and professionalism on the software products and services market that specializes in legal updates. Ever since 1994, clients and partners have discovered that for us, thriving is more than an objective, it’a law.
These first 20 years in this field can easily be noticed in the quality and efficiency in each and every product that we create. We do have the advantage of time which we used to perfect essential software for the modern reality that changes continually. But we also have the great advantage of a passionate and creative team that continues to win each client’s trust with every projects. 
Any business partner who chooses our products can take advantaje of all these qualities. This is the complete formula for success!


Lege5 este aplicaţia completă. Acum vă pune la dispoziţie şi MOF partea a IV-a

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Indaco Systems informeaza toti utilizatori de program legislativ Lege5, ca aplicatia a fost consolidata cu un nou modul de informare: Monitorul Oficial partea a IV-a.

LegeStart, partener al Conferinţei "Fiscalitate 24/7" de la Cluj-Napoca din 28 februarie 2017

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Domeniul financiar-contabil presupune atât atenţie la detalii cât şi nevoia de a ţine pasul cu noutăţile legislative. Situaţii diverse, lacune legislative, acte minuţioase, sunt doar câteva dintre aspectele care pot trezi nedumeriri. Este important să fii la curent cu ceea ce se întâmplă în practică, să discuţi şi să afli soluţii.

Indaco Systems will realize IT consulting services


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Indaco Systems is launching in early 2017 a new service: IT consulting at the highest level.